What We Do

With more than 30 years management experience in the industry we have built a reputation as a leading independent supplier of LPG and Autogas.


LPG is the ideal fuel for properties not served by mains gas. It offers a convenient and efficient means of providing central heating, hot water, real flame cooking and gas fires in your home or business.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial user contact us today to review your current LPG supply and consider the savings that Premier LPG could help you make.

We will help make the transfer process hassle free.

Domestic LPG
The Competition Commission’s Order took effect on 13 April 2009 making it quick, easy and free for Domestic Bulk LPG users to change supplier every two years and seek out the most competitive LPG price on the market.
Metered LPG
The Competition Commission’s (Metered Estate) Order took effect on 5 November 2009 making it convenient and free for residents of properties connected to a LPG Metered Estate to change supplier every two years and seek out a cheaper LPG price.
Commercial LPG
More and more businesses and organisations are using Premier LPG to meet their heating and fuel needs – is it time you did too?
‘Autogas’ is simply LPG for vehicles and is the most practical alternative fuel to diesel and petrol available. The overwhelming cost savings reflect the growing number of individuals and businesses converting their vehicles to Autogas bi-fuel.