Using LPG for commercial use rather than oil

Both oil and LPG can be used as fuel for commercial purposes, in industrial processes and for heating business premises, but there are 2 main reasons to switch from using oil to using LPG – LPG is the clear winner in terms of cost and the environment.

Cost benefits

  • Significant cost savings on annual fuel bills – LPG is 20% to 40% cheaper to buy than oil.
  • Oil fired heating systems are known to be inefficient and require a lot more maintenance compared to systems run on LPG.
  • Reduced maintenance and servicing costs – the fact that LPG burns more cleanly helps ensure a more efficient, low maintenance boiler.
  • LPG prices are much more stable than oil and as such LPG is better from a budgeting point of view.

Environmental benefits
LPG is a much greener, more efficient fuel than oil, with the benefit of having reduced carbon emissions. It is well documented that using oil for commercial purposes has a greater impact on the environment. Here are some of the environmental benefits of using LPG:

  • LPG produces less CO2 than oil when burned – carbon emissions are 30% to 50% less with LPG.
  • It burns very cleanly and, unlike oil, with very low sulphur (SO2) or nitrogen-oxides (NOx) emissions.
  • If spilled, oil poses huge environmental risks as has been seen on many occasions; LPG poses no such risks.
  • As LPG is a by-product so there is no further wastage.

Reasons to switch from using oil to using LPG

  • For heating purposes, LPG boilers are cheaper to install and less expensive to maintain than oil fired boilers.
  • In addition the cost of the appliances are lower.
  • As LPG burns more cleanly with less soot and ash build up, the appliances require less maintenance.
  • Unlike oil, the flame temperature is easily controlled and combustion is virtually odourless.
  • LPG is a clean burning fuel.
  • LPG appliances are much quieter than the equivalent oil appliances.
  • No containment area generally required around the LPG storage vessel, which can be sited either above or below ground. Oil must have a containment area and the vessel must be above the ground.
  • Proven cost benefits with savings of between 20% and 40%.

The rising cost of oil
In a recent report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) significantly increased its projections of future oil costs in this year’s report due to the changing outlook for demand and production costs. It now expects crude oil to average $100 per barrel over the next two decades and more than $200 per barrel in 2030, in nominal terms. Last year’s forecast estimated that a 2030 barrel would amount to only $108.

Switch to Premier LPG and start saving money today
If you are currently using oil, electricity or solid fuel for your commercial heating or industrial processes talk to us about moving over to LPG. Your business can start enjoying the financial savings and environmental benefits of using this clean, efficient fuel.

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