Why would you use LPG for your cooking needs?

Well firstly the obvious one, if you are not connected to the main gas network then you need an alternative and LPG is a great alternative that can be used just about anywhere. You could use fossil fuels or wood or a couple of other options but LPG is a better alternative for the following reasons:

LPG is economical, I realise that in certain areas you may be able to go and cut your own wood but the time taken to do this and the effort is colossal and the low cost of LPG makes it a better option.

  1. LPG gives off instant heat, you can turn it on and off as necessary.
  2. There is a naked flame visible so you can regulate the heat you are using.
  3. LPG burns with very low emissions, it doesn’t create black smoke and therefore you don’t get soot laden chimneys, dirty walls and ceilings and your cookware isn’t blacked.
  4. It is convenient; the tank or bottle can be stored in a convenient place and won’t get in the way or take up lots of room. Wood sheds and coal sheds can be dirty areas that require ongoing maintenance.
  5. Refills are available all the time; with some planning you will never run out of LPG. Keep an eye on your gauge and order when it is around 20% full and we will be along to top it up before you know it. Our LPG supplies are regular and trustworthy.
  6. We can supply LPG to virtually anywhere. Check out the areas we deliver LPG to.


LPG is a viable source of gas for cooking heating and any power needs. Even your car can be powered by LPG and we shall discuss this in our next blog.