The Process of Installing a Domestic LPG Heating System in Your Home

LPG central heating – how LPG central heating works
Though many households in the UK operate via mains gas central heating, just over 3 million homes are not connected into the mains gas network. These properties need to find an alternative power source such as LPG.

In parts of the UK with no mains gas, your choice is limited to using oil-fired or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) instead. Most homes will run what is known as a wet heating system, where either a mains gas or petroleum-fired boiler is used to heat radiators and provide hot running water for all taps inside the property. As with an oil supply, LPG is also stored in a tank, albeit with a few differences.

The main difference between mains gas and LPG is that the latter is delivered by road and stored in a tank, which you can rent from Premier LPG. Some boilers designed for mains gas can be converted to use LPG.

This short guide has been written to show you what you need to know about the equipment you’ll need to get, and the process of having an LPG heating system installed in your home.

Equipment needed to set up your LPG heating system

  • LPG heating system / boiler
  • LPG Storage Tank
  • LPG Supplier

LPG-fired boilers are similar to mains gas and oil-fired boilers and cost from around £500 upwards. Whilst Premier LPG don’t get involved with the supply and fitting of your heating system we can often recommend a suitable company to provide this service for you.

You’ll also need to have an LPG storage tank to hold your supply of LPG. These tanks can stand above the ground or be buried below depending on how much land you have and how freely it can be accessed.

Your supply of LPG is delivered by tanker, similar to having heating oil delivered.

The process of installation
The first thing you need to sort out is the tank. Premier LPG provide all the externals for your LPG system. We provide and install Bulk LPG storage vessels and pipework connecting the tank to the property inlet.

Once your tank has been installed you’ll need to hook it up to your property. This is not something you can do without professional assistance, and it is a service that we provide. After this you’ll need to fit the LPG boiler in a suitable location. As mentioned above, Premier LPG are not able to supply or fit your LPG heating system but we can point you in the direction of a Certified Gas Safe Register LPG engineer.

The cost of using LPG can be significantly lower than oil-fired solutions. This is because the heating system itself is far more efficient, so don’t be surprised if your bills are significantly reduced.

Finally, when the tank is in position, fully hooked up to the boiler in your home, it’s time to get us to fill it with LPG.

Re-filing your LPG tank
Please request a gas delivery when your float gauge reads between 20-30% by calling 01772 707011 or emailing

Invoices can be settled by cash, cheque, online transfer, debit or credit card over the phone. We also offer a monthly payment facility based on your estimated yearly use and current price.

Contact us on 01772 707011 or email to discuss your needs and to set your account up with Premier LPG.