How to switch LPG supplier


switch to LPG

Switching LPG supplier is always considered a difficult task but in actual fact it is an easy process. The most common concerns when switching are shown below and the answers will show you how easy it is to do and how it could save you money in the long run with no upfront costs to you. So let’s cover the pertinent questions.

Cost: Most people think they will have to pay to switch their LPG supplier. In actual fact switching is totally free.

The LPG Company own the tank so I will need a new one:  As long as the tank complies with current legislation then it stays where it is and you don’t need to pay for a new one. You may currently pay a standing charge for the tank each month, when the LPG is switched then you will only pay the new supplier.

I am not eligible to transfer as I am tied in: This may be the case but you won’t be tied in longer than your two year contract so unless you took it out very recently then you will probably have a switch period coming up. It is best to look at switching now and find a supplier ready for the end of your contract.

The switchover process will take forever and will be complicated: We will do all the switch paperwork for you and on average the tank transfer completes within 7-10 days (at the most it will be 28 days) but we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Supply disconnectivity: There will be no downtime with your supply of LPG. Any fuel left in your tank will stay there and you will maintain your supply at all times.

As you will see from the above switching your LPG supplier is a pain free process and will result in no upfront costs and no period where will you will have no supply. So what are you waiting for get a free no obligation quote from us and see how much you can save.