What you need to know when switching LPG suppliers

There are a few reasons why people switch their LPG suppliers but the main two that we come across are reliability and service and cost.

This makes sense as you want a reliable service so you are never left without gas in your tank and you want the guys to turn up when they say they are going to turn up. Imagine being left with a dwindling supply in the middle of winter with snow on the ground. Many tanks are in remote areas and in areas that may have access problems in bad weather so you need to know you have fuel available at all times.

It also makes sense that you do not want to pay more for your LPG than other people in a similar situation and you want to get the best price you can. After all the money is better in your pocket than the pocket of LPG company owners.

So what are the main things to consider when looking at a potential switch of LPG supplier?

When can I switch?

In most cases you will be in a two year contract with your current supplier and once you are the end of this period or approaching the end then it is time to investigate whether it is worth switching.

What about my tank isn’t that owned by my LPG supplier?

Ownership of the tank is transferred to the new LPG supplier so you will keep the same tank and pay the new supplier the standing charge payment you have agreed with them.

How much will it cost me to switch?

You can switch suppliers free of charge, as long as you are out of any existing contracted period.

How long will it take to switch?

Normally the switching process takes around a month to complete fully, sometimes it may be slightly longer and occasionally slightly less.

As you can see by the above the switching process is pretty easy and speedy to carry out. There is no reason not to investigate a switch at the end of your two year contract. So why not contact us today on 01772 707011 and we can advise you further and let you know our pricing structure and service standards.