LPG Suppliers Preston

domestic-side-new-12You might be surprised to hear that not everyone in the Preston area is on the mains gas supply network. For those individuals or businesses the best alternative fuel source for heating, hot water and cooking is LPG.

We have built a reputation as the leading independent LPG supplier to homes and businesses in Preston with great customer care, reliable LPG supply and the cheapest LPG prices.

Our head office is here in Preston and as such we can provide a fast and efficient LPG delivery service to our customers in Preston and the surrounding areas. You will also find our LPG price is extremely competitive.

Call us today on 01772 707011 to find out how much our price of LPG is compared to your current fuel supply.

Domestic LPG supply to homes in Preston

We have seen a substantial rise in domestic LPG customers transferring to us since rules allowing LPG home owners to change LPG supplier were introduced.

Changing LPG supplier is now quick, easy and free and we are confident you will be surprised by how much cheaper our LPG price is.

Metered LPG supply to residential developments in Preston

In the area surrounding Preston there are LPG metered estates with farmhouses and barns being converted to domestic homes.

We have recently completed the transfer of several residential developments where properties share LPG storage tanks and LPG use is measured by a meter.

Because most farms, etc. tend to be in rural locations they are not served by mains gas. LPG is the ideal alternative fuel for communal developments because sharing LPG equipment is the most effective infrastructure to supply LPG to properties located close together.

Commercial LPG supply to businesses in Preston

If you find that your business is not on the national grid, then LPG has proved a versatile and cost effective fuel for a variety of businesses. You can use LPG to heat premises, cook with a real flame, run Forklift Trucks and dry crops amongst other industrial and agricultural uses.

Our experience within the LPG industry is built on finding solutions for businesses, great customer service and competitive LPG prices.

Call us today on 01772 707011 to find out how much you could save on your LPG costs.

Preston LPG users can find more general information on the following pages: Domestic LPG transfers, Metered LPG transfers and Commercial LPG transfers.