How LPG can prove the cheapest option.

Who knows what will happen to oil prices in 2016, world turmoil and the re-entry of Iranian oil into the market could either lead to a larger supply of oil of a tightening of supply over the longer term. What we do know is that oil has a negative effect on the environment with high CO2 emissions. This leads many off-grid businesses to search for a greener solution.

So if you are running a rural business whether it is a farm, factory, hotel or B & B LPG could well be a cleaner alternative for your business. LPG for business makes perfect sense.

LPG prices compare very favourably to oil prices. Added to that initial installation costs are low and LPG customers do not have to insure or maintain the tanks, that is done for you by the LPG Company. You don’t have the worry of fuel theft either which is becoming more prevalent in rural businesses. With LPG you need very expensive equipment to siphon and store the gas so LPG theft is almost unheard of.

Commercial LPG tank installation

And what if something goes wrong; an oil spill can cost an arm and leg to put right, it can cost up to £30,000 and sometimes a lot more to clean up the mess, cover revenue losses and on top of that you have the environmental impact. LPG burns clean so there is a lot less of an environmental footprint and in the event of a spill LPG will quickly evaporate and leave no contamination.

LPG burns cleanly and that leads to a more efficient, low-maintenance boiler. So you are able to see that LPG is a very rational choice for a business operating off-grid that wants an efficient fuel and one that will enable them to lower their fuel costs and keep a check on their carbon footprint.