What is LPG and Autogas?

In simplistic terms Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) are made from petroleum gas. They are used to heat domestic and commercial business premises and also as motor fuel.

Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) are used for cooking on stoves or for heating houses and businesses that don’t have connection to natural gas supplies. LPG is held in storage tanks or in bottled gas form, the tanks can be installed above ground or underground. We have a team of Gas Safe Registered engineers who are available to advise which form of storage is best suited to your needs and location.

In the majority of locations for Domestic users they will only need one tank but if there are a few properties a communal LPG installation would be advisable and metered supplies would be fed off that supply. We work closely with developers to install multi tank communal LPG supplies which serve a block of properties.

Domestic LPG tank

For business customers LPG is a very versatile fuel and is used widely in rural areas from far businesses to pubs and restaurants. Whatever your business needs may be we are confident that our staff can identify the exact solution for you.

The other major use of LPG also known as autogas is in motor vehicles. This is a growing need as users look for more environmentally friendly alternative to petrol and diesel. Presently Gas into motors and for bags. Cars and lorries emit around 14 million tons of pollutants into the atmosphere by way of exhaust fumes, when you compare the exhaust gasses of LPG cars they are far less harmful to the earth’s atmosphere.

Petrol stations that serve LPG autogas need a regular and reliable supply which is where we come in. AS this is has been the foundation of the business we are perfectly positioned to supply your filling station with any amount of LPG you require. This allows you to provide for the growing number of LPG cars in the country and increase your visitors and profits.


Converting a vehicle to LPG and dual fuel is now a relatively easy process and you can then take advantage of this lower cost alternative and help the environment at the same time.