Independent think tank supports LPG conversion

Policy exchange is the leading think tank in the UK. They carry out independent, credible research to help advise government on delivering; better public services, a more vibrant economy and a stronger society.

They recently published a report stating that 12% of London’s air exceeded legal limits for the abundance of nitrogen dioxide. This is an area that contains 979 schools. To look at bringing this pollution figure down they came up with a ten point plan which included some advice on LPG usage.

Firstly they suggested that all taxis and mini cabs should be encouraged, maybe by way of grant, to retrofit LPG conversions.

The second measure was that a diesel scrappage scheme be implemented which removed old diesel cars off the streets and encourage replacement with LPG or electric alternatives.

These are both encouraging signs and steps we would expect the government to act on. They also offer a pat on the back to the LPG industry for producing a low emission alternative.

A full report can be downloaded at