How does the monthly payment facility work?

We offer the monthly standing order facility because some customers prefer to set aside money each month rather than have to settle the full invoice after each delivery.

Your current monthly standing order is based on your estimated yearly lpg use and current price. We review standing order accounts on a regular basis to ensure that accounts don’t fall into arrears. If an account does fall into arrears, or is likely to fall into arrears, we may ask you to take action on the account before further deliveries can be made. For example, we may ask you to make a one off payment to reduce or clear the balance or increase the monthly amount to clear the balance within a satisfactory period and ensure there are sufficient funds for your next delivery.

A common problem is that accounts instantly fall into arrears in cases where customers have a delivery before the sufficient funds have accrued to pay for the first delivery. To guard against this we ask that the balance is cleared in respect of all first deliveries.