Financial benefits of using LPG rather than oil to heat your home

domestic-1Although most homes in the UK are connected to the mains gas network and use this to heat their homes and hot water, what do you do if you can’t get connected? In this scenario LPG is a great alternative.

In a previous blog we outlined the benefits of using LPG fuel for this purpose. In this post we are going to take a closer look at the financial benefits.

If you are off the gas grid then your options are basically LPG, oil or solid fuel. As solid fuel is a lot more expensive to use, most people opt for either oil or LPG. Lets compare the real cost of running your heating system on these fuels:

Financial reasons to use LPG rather than Oil for your heating system

  • LPG is a highly efficient fuel and modern LPG run condensing boilers now achieve efficiencies of over 90% compared to 70% with standard oil boilers.
  • Maintenance and servicing is reduced with LPG compared to oil boilers. This is helped by the fact that LPG is a cleaner burning fuel resulting in less soot and ash build up.
  • LPG heating boilers are cheaper to buy and install than oil boilers
  • As gas is the most widely used fuel in the UK, getting an engineer to service or repair your boiler is easy and relatively inexpensive. Servicing costs are usually lower than those for oil boilers.
  • The price of LPG is more stable than oil.
  • Predictions on price increases show LPG will continue to track lower than oil prices for the foreseeable future. (1)

Other advantages to using LPG fuelled heating system in your home

  • LPG heating boilers are much quieter than oil ones.
  • LPG fuel tank can be sited underground so no ugly tank on show in your garden.

What are the actual costs of heating my home with LPG
According to Which (2) the average annual fuel cost for heating and hot water (not including installation costs) is £1300

If you have moved into a property supplied by Premier LPG or another LPG supplier our team will be happy to discuss supply options.

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(1) In a recent report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) significantly increased its projections of future oil costs in this year’s report due to the changing outlook for demand and production costs. It now expects crude oil to average $100 per barrel over the next two decades and more than $200 per barrel in 2030, in nominal terms. Last year’s forecast estimated that a 2030 barrel would amount to only $108.

(2) These annual costs are estimated costs based on heating and hot water demands of a three-bedroomed, semi-detached, well-insulated house (insulated cavity walls, 270mm loft insulation, thermostatic radiator valves and insulated primary pipe work), the efficiencies of typical heating systems and the current average price of LPG per litre (as of July 2012). They are not derived from actual fuel bills.