Environmental benefits of using LPG to heat your home

contemporary-wall-mounted-fireplace-gas-closed-hearth-619982There is no denying that from an environmental point of view, using LPG for your domestic home heating system is better for the environment than using the other available options when not on the national gas network. LPG gas is a cleaner fuel to burn. Here are some of the environmental benefits of using LPG:

  1. LPG produces a small amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). According to UKLPG its combustion emits 33% less carbon dioxide than coal and 15% less than heating oil. (1)
  2. As LPG burns very cleanly it has virtually no soot, and extremely low sulphur (SO2) emissions.
  3. The average carbon emissions for a heating and water system, in an average household, using LPG are 3.6 tonnes per year compared with 4 to 5 tonnes per year with an oil -fired system. (2)
  4. Replacing your electric hot water system with an LPG system can reduce Greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75%. In addition, LPG emissions are even lower than for an electric boosted solar powered system.
  5. If spilled, oil poses huge environmental risks as has been seen on many occasions, whereas LPG does not cause any harm or contamination to water or the ground if it is leaked.

Other advantages to using LPG fuelled heating system in your home

  • Flame temperature is easily controlled and combustion is virtually odourless, making it ideal for cooking.
  • LPG heating boilers are much quieter than oil ones.

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(1) http://www.uklpg.org/exceptional-energy/
(2) According to a Which report.