Commercial LPG

Whether you are an existing commercial LPG user looking to review the price you pay for your fuel or considering using LPG for the first time our team will work with you to identify the best solution for your business.

If you already have LPG supply and storage equipment in place then we are confident that we will be able to beat your current supplier’s price when your existing agreement comes to an end.

We will help make the transfer process as straight forward as possible for you by providing the required documents to serve notice of termination. We will then liaise with your current supplier to ensure the changeover happens as soon as possible and with minimal disruption to your business. Please do not hesitate to call our team on 01772 707011 to find out what savings you will make with Premier LPG.

If you are new to LPG and would like more information about price, supply and Storage Options please call our team on 01772 707011.

We specialise in installing LPG equipment and supplying LPG to a variety of commercial customers including hotels, restaurants, agricultural and industrial businesses.

LPG for Leisure and Catering

Premier LPG offers owners of restaurants, hotels and pubs not on mains gas the unique opportunity to cook with an instant flame offering more control to a busy commercial kitchen and a more efficient heating system.

LPG in Agriculture

Premier LPG has proved to be an extremely versatile energy source for farmers. Our customers already use Premier LPG to dry crops, burn weeds and rear poultry to name but a few uses. Not only is LPG a more efficient fuel, helping you reduce your costs, but you are also reducing potential risks to your crop, animals and the environment because LPG burns efficiently and cleanly so it won’t contaminate your crops or feed.

Forklift Truck Operators

Costs are a big factor in your business which is why you may already be using LPG in your forklift trucks. The way you buy and store your gas, and who supplies it, can make a massive difference to your monthly bills.

In addition, your forklift trucks won’t have the downtime associated with battery power because LPG can keep your forklift trucks moving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thanks to LPG you will notice that your maintenance costs are lower too and if you are switching from batteries, LPG will signal the end of heavy manual handling. By buying your LPG in bulk, there are no heavy cylinders to lift.

Do you use FLTs in a warehouse?

You can fit a catalytic converter to use LPG safely indoors. LPG is a cleaner option, better for your business, your drivers and your employees. No matter where you are based, LPG is cleaner and greener.