Successful Transfer

Dear Frances, I thank your organisation for the positive way you have dealt with my
request. The points you have made regarding the area around the tank are
completely acceptable, and will be maintained as is now.

Thank you once again.

K Hughes
Nantwich, Cheshire
July 2013

Fuel Delivery

I just wanted to say thank you very much for delivering to us so quickly when we ran out, your excellent service is really appreciated.

Thank you

C Cawood
Nantwich, Cheshire
March 2013

A genuinely delighted and impressed new customer

As I approach the Victor Meldrew years in my life I find myself complaining and whinging about the general poor quality service standards of most of the companies I deal with on a day to day basis.

Occasionally am I driven to write a letter to declare how un-impressed I have been if I feel very strongly.

A very rare event is me writing a letter of absolute delight regarding the way I have been treated by a company but today is an instance of it that even from a sick bed this letter had to be written.

I have been with (Gas Supplier 1) for about 7 years and never really had an opinion of good or bad until recently when my tank has been left to go empty twice in the winter months.
The first time it took them 4 days to fill, the latest time today, they told me “because of the weather conditions it could be 7 days or more.”

We are foster carers for young children and the temperature is below freezing at night, I am currently suffering from severe Bronchitis and one of our little ones has a bad chest infection too.
7 days for some heating was totally unacceptable. I rang them and told them I wish to go elsewhere, they told me I couldn’t as I was still under contract.

Having checked my paperwork I had been out of contract for 6 months which they finally confirmed after speaking to the senior manager.

I rang all the LPG suppliers for my area, (Gas Supplier 2), (Gas Supplier 3) and (Gas Supplier 4).
Gas Supplier 3 & Gas Supplier 4 promised to call me back and hadn’t by 3PM, Gas Supplier 2 said it would take at least 2 weeks to get a survey and then a tank fill.

Then I rang Premier LPG and to be honest I had never heard of them however they answered the phone immediately and I was put through to someone straight away called Brian.

I explained my current situation and he instantly said “No Problem let’s see if we can help” He explained the situation about transferring the account from Gas Supplier 1, he sent me the forms already completed. I signed them and emailed them back.

Within 3 hours James arrived at my door who had driven from Blackpool especially around trip of over 140 miles to carry out the site inspection so that a tanker could fill the tank the following day.

Wow! is all I can say ,if only companies would have this type of “can do, will do” attitude in all my business dealings I would end up smiling some days, another rare event!

I would have moved from Gas Supplier 1 today no matter what the price but just to put some sprinkles on the cherry on my cake I saved almost 3p per litre, bear in mind I use about 4500 litres a year that is a worthwhile saving, I even saved on my standing charge and have a fixed price for the rest of the year with an agreed reasonable maximum increase before the end of the contract period.

Thanks Brian you are a star! My wife is flabbergasted you managed to pull this off same day.

Well done Premier LPG I give you absolute authority to publish this email and my phone number is below if you wish to use me as a referral.

This email sounds as if I am an employee or a plant but I am happy to take phone calls to confirm this is a genuine happy customer email.

M & L Solomon
Knutsford, Cheshire
March 2013