Independent think tank supports LPG conversion

Policy exchange is the leading think tank in the UK. They carry out independent, credible research to help advise government on delivering; better public services, a more vibrant economy and a stronger society. They recently published a report stating that … Read More

Do I need a special cooker if i use LPG

If you use Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in your home or business you should ensure that your appliances are set up to use LPG. Normal cookers that are intended for use with natural gas will require some adjustment to make … Read More

How LPG can prove the cheapest option.

Who knows what will happen to oil prices in 2016, world turmoil and the re-entry of Iranian oil into the market could either lead to a larger supply of oil of a tightening of supply over the longer term. What … Read More

What are the advantages of LPG fuel?

LPG is the closest alternative to natural gas that is available away from the mains. So how could this be of benefit to you? LPG is a clean fuel LPG is classed as a fossil fuel but its clean burning … Read More

How to switch LPG supplier

  Switching LPG supplier is always considered a difficult task but in actual fact it is an easy process. The most common concerns when switching are shown below and the answers will show you how easy it is to do … Read More

What is LPG and Autogas?

In simplistic terms Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) are made from petroleum gas. They are used to heat domestic and commercial business premises and also as motor fuel. Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) are used for cooking on stoves or for heating houses and … Read More