Autogas is the foundation of our company. Premier LPG was established in 2001 and has built a reputation as the leading independent supplier of bulk Autogas to retail forecourts and fleet operators, predominantly in the North West.

As such, we have extensive knowledge of the Autogas market and are happy to discuss supply options with businesses either retailing Autogas or seeking to operate Autogas fleets.

Please feel free to call our team on 01772 707011 for specialist advice.

What is Autogas?

‘Autogas’ is simply LPG for vehicles, the most practical alternative to diesel and petrol. It is a vapour at normal pressure but under increased pressure becomes a safe and versatile liquid, easily dispensed from storage tanks to vehicles in the same way as diesel and petrol.

A common misunderstanding

By converting your vehicle to Autogas it will become a dual fuel vehicle meaning that if you run out of LPG you can simply switch to using petrol.

However, as there are over 1,400 LPG refuelling stations nationwide running on petrol should not be necessary.

Autogas is cleaner, greener and cheaper…

Autogas boasts the following environmental benefits over diesel and petrol:

  • low carbon content fuel which reduces your carbon footprint;
  • fewer harmful emissions that impact on air quality;
  • engine noise is low reducing noise pollution.

The cost advantages of Autogas over diesel and petrol are also overwhelming:

  • It offers an unrivalled opportunity for forecourt retailers to diversify their product range and increase profits;
  • It allows fleet operators and consumers an opportunity to significantly reduce their automotive fuel costs.

What savings will I make?

You can calculate your potential saving using the Drive LPG Savings Calculator.

Drive LPG is affiliated to UKLPG (the trade association for the LP Gas industry in the UK) and provides guidance on driving with Autogas. Whether you have a vehicle that you would like to convert or are already driving a vehicle running on LPG, Drive LPG aims to provide all the information you require to drive with Autogas safely and cost effectively.

As a consumer or fleet operator converting vehicles to bi-fuel has become easier and increasingly cost effective. Autogas’ growing popularity has seen competition within the industry intensify – reducing conversion costs significantly and making Autogas increasingly competitive compared to diesel and petrol.

As such, you will usually see a return on your initial investment within 12 months – reinforcing Autogas as a sound investment for the future.

Can I convert my current vehicle(s)?

If you want to convert your vehicle to autogas then we highly recommend that you choose a UKLPG Approved Autogas Installer. Giving you peace of mind that their work has been independently inspected and standards monitored. Further, choosing an LPG system from a UKLPG Accredited Distributor will ensure effective after sales support throughout the UK.Diesel-LPG conversions are currently being developed posing an exciting opportunity for the LPG industry, autogas retailers and consumers alike.

You can also buy brand new bi-fuel vehicles. Citroen, Proton and Mazda are just some of the big names currently offering LPG as an option for cars, vans and vehicles.

Where is my nearest Premier LPG Autogas Filling Station?

To find your nearest Premier LPG Autogas Filling Station click here.