What are the advantages of LPG fuel?

LPG is the closest alternative to natural gas that is available away from the mains. So how could this be of benefit to you?

  1. LPG is a clean fuel

LPG is classed as a fossil fuel but its clean burning when compared to other fossil fuels such as coal and oil. It produces fewer soot particulates, less carbon dioxide, less nitrogen oxides, and sulphur. It also has the advantage that in the case of a spill LPG will evaporate and has no risk of ground contamination or water contamination.

  1. LPG is convenient

LPG can be used anywhere; inside or outside so one supply can be used for all your fuel needs. The heat it provides is instant and easily controlled just like mains gas. It doesn’t make any noise, it doesn’t smell and is stored in tanks which can be placed out of the way or even underground. If you use a LPG boiler these are small and on the whole take less maintenance than normal oil boilers.

  1. LPG is cost effective

If you are a LPG user you don’t even have to buy the tank and the cost of installation is low compared to other alternatives such as heating oil. It’s been made easy now to switch suppliers so you can ensure you get a low cost efficient service by being able to compare LPG prices.

  1. LPG is flexible

LPG can be fitted anywhere and provides an instant form of energy that is easy to control, readily available and clean.

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